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Hey! ^^

Welcome to Children of the Moon!

We are a friendly and social guild with strong aspiratations to start raiding soon :) We have a Tabard, 5 guild bank slots, guild repairs and characters with good skill levels to provide awesome stuff :3

Only two pictures in the Gallery per guildie please, unless they are screenshots from in-game, thankyou!

I'm Luna, the GL, and that *points* is Grimne, the 2nd in Command.

My msn is:

add me :)

JUST ASK :) We don't bite :) Well, maybe a little ;)


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New Gallery stuff!

lunaselene, Aug 29, 10 10:53 PM.
I finally found my screenshots :) After almost 3 years (I think) :')

Sooo, I uploaded some! :D

Some made me really sad, because they are of me and people whom I don't have any contact with anymore, which really sucks, basically.

My absolute favourite for sentimental value is the one of me, Grimne, Kia (Rukkia) and Tenshi (Kagenotenshi), together just before we founded this guild.

It's so awful that kia and tenshi aren't around anymore :( They went back to Horde :( We miss them :'(

As for the new tonne of photos that are my WoW photography:

This is what I've been doing when you've been in a group with me, and I've randomly stopped, said 'oooooh pretty sky <3' in guildchat, and then taken about 5 minutes composing a picture while you sit and wait and yell at me :)

I'm pretty proud of some of them ^^ Although the game graphics-designers take almost full credit for them :L

Also, NEW RULE about photo uploading, you may only have 2 RL/random pictures per guildie, but as many in-game screenshots as you like. Also, please upload them into the correct place, or I may cry :L

Happy WoW-ing, see you crazy lot in game! :D

Luna ~

Bad news :(

lunaselene, Aug 27, 10 9:51 PM.
Jeeeeeeeez I'm up late. This is bad. Plus I need to get up early in the morning :( I can only see this ending badly.


So, firstly, sorry I was away for so long. It sucks. I'm sorry.

Secondly, I have some bad news.

I am currently staying with my grandparents in London because my mum is away, and I wanted to visit my cousins too. This means that, while I do have access to the internet (meaning I can come on the chat on this site! :D) I don't have access to a computer with WoW installed, because my brothers computer is mean and won't connect to the internet here. Which sucks. I miss you guys :(

Also, I'm looking to recruit DPS for starting some HC runs/raids soon, so please inform me if you know of anyone suitable.

Also, please bug everyone in the guild to join this site, its useful for keeping you all updated without the annoyance of the MOTD character limit >.>

Have a nice couple of days, I hope to chat to some of the on the chat-feature on this site in the meantime :)

I will be back on Tuesday.

Happy WoW-ing!!!

Luna ~

80! ZOMG! xD

lunaselene, Jul 29, 10 2:35 PM.
Hey FREAKS! (ignore Grimne, you are freaks, it's a good thing, and HE'S the mean one :3)

I hit 80 about 10 minutes ago :) How exciting.

Now for some HCing!

Once I've geared up that is.......

Have a chat to me or Grimne in game if you're interested :)

Loveee youuuuuuuuuu

~Luna x

Hey, I have added some easy macroes to forum

cybrhuman, Jul 7, 10 8:25 AM.

By Odin! I have actually used a forum :O !!! ... maybe not so funny as you don't know me as a person who usually doesn't post  .... 

Hope some of you find it useful :) I do at least, probably some error in the macroes, but I will correct them as I find fit. 

P.S.!!! don't listen too much to Luna, you're not freaks, she is just mean :P 

*covers head* 


Luna says haaai

lunaselene, Jun 30, 10 2:42 PM.
S'up freaks :D It's your favourite GM Lunaaa :)

Errr, thankyou to Nuke for making this site for us :)

I hope a lot of you sign up, and ALSO, get leveling, I want to start doing some Raiding soon!

Lovee youuuu lottssllyy

~Luna x
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